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Cairn Financial Group was founded with a clear intent: to facilitate wealth-success in the lives of our clients. We believe this is a two-part process that begins with a personalized and actionable financial plan. As your financial planner, we serve to organize and assimilate your financial information so as to craft a blueprint for your financial life. This blueprint seeks to deploy your resources in the most efficient & effective manner for your specific goals. In the same way that life is not static, we believe that the ongoing process of financial planning is fluid and evolving as your life, circumstances, and goals change. For that reason, you won’t see an “a la carte” menu to our planning services. Instead, our financial planning is defined by an on-going relationship with you – the purpose of which is to maintain the financial road map to your definition of wealth-success.

However, while having an efficient & effective plan is crucial to success, a plan is often meaningless without proper execution. For that reason we are also positioned to help you in the implementation, execution, and management of your financial decisions. We serve as advocate, advisor, and coach to help you take the necessary steps to enjoy your wealth success. And as a financial management firm, Cairn Financial Group incorporates the ability to proactively manage your investments, independently shop for and broker insurances when needed, and strategically collaborate with third-party advisors (such as attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, private bankers, TPAs, and Trust service providers) to provide an integrated financial solution – all with the intent of executing the road map to your definition of wealth-success.





Nathan Greene, CFP® is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and principal of Cairn Financial Group.  He has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry and has built his practice with the sole purpose of enabling wealth success in his clients’ lives – no matter their definition of “wealth.”  With a strong competency in comprehensive planning, Nathan takes pride in assimilating your financial life to efficiently & effectively move clients towards their goals.

Nathan is a graduate of Auburn University and is a regular teacher, speaker, and commentator on financial matters.  He is a leading educator in the industry as he has taught in the CFP® program at Belmont University, is currently teaching CFP® requirements at Lipscomb University, and coordinates the Personal Financial Planning course at the UTHSC College of Pharmacy.  In tandem with his teaching, Nathan is also a published author - an academic manuscript published in AJHP and a textbook available through Amazon and www.cairnedu.com. He has met the extensive experience, education, ethics, and training requirements of the CFP Board of Standards required to hold the prestigious CFP® certification, and above all, Nathan is committed to the fiduciary standard of ensuring his advice is in your best interest. 


Financial Planner

Taylor Whitt serves primarily as the Financial Planner for Cairn Financial Group. Nearing a decade in the financial services industry, Taylor has extensive background working with wealthy families on estate and retirement planning, and he thrives in helping his clients navigate their complexities.

Born and raised in California, Taylor graduated cum laude from Biola University where he developed his interest in helping others be good stewards of their wealth. He also holds the esteemed CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation, reinforcing his advocacy for financial literacy and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.


Taylor enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, who on the rare occasion allow him and his wife to escape and enjoy all that Nashville has to offer.


Client Relations


Raquel Vasquez oversees Client Relations for Cairn Financial Group.  Her primary role is to look out your you, our client, and ensure you receive maximum value from the firm.   She will drive your entire experience from the simple to the involved - from paperwork and scheduling to technology support, account history research, and document procurement. If ever you need something from the firm (while we're all here to help you) Raquel will be the one to ensure it gets done (properly, at that).


Originally from Medellín, Colombia, Raquel Vasquez is fluent in both English and Spanish and comes to us after a number of years in the banking and insurance. She brings a wealth of experience supporting her clients to the highest standard possible, and she's passionately focused on elevating the tools that help our clients and community build wealth.  On a personal note, Raquel is a proverbial "library" of knowledge of Nashville’s food scene.

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