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Your personal CFO

Your architect and personal CFO not only helping you create the financial blueprint to your life’s vision but taking an active role in implementing all the facets and nuances that brings.  Our goal is to answer – and then to help you execute on those answers – the six important questions in your financial life:  How should you be saving?  Investing?  Insuring?  Paying off debt?  *Preparing for taxes?  *Planning for your estate?

Our process begins with an initial consultation to introduce ourselves and define initial goals/expectations – simply opportunity to define if and/or how we want to work together.  From this point, we will introduce you to our software systems and begin on-boarding & discovery meetings.  This typically consists of a quantitative discovery to review your “data,” qualitative discovery to define your vision & goals, a risk-management discovery to define your protection-preferences, and a portfolio design discovery to begin creating your investment portfolios. 

Throughout our discovery meetings, Cairn Financial Group will be writing & refining your financial plan based on the information we learn from you in each discussion.  After the 6 – 12 weeks of meetings since our initial consultation, we will meet to present and discuss the “final draft” of your financial plan – going through as many revisions as needed.  It is from this plan that we will then define a calendar of events to manage and oversee the implementation of the financial plan into your life.  Beyond those items that can be execute within Cairn Financial Group (see Investment Management and Risk Protection), this may include anything from assisting with crucial student loan documentation to helping monitor 401(k)s to proactively coordinating with third-party advisors.

*It is important to note that we are neither CPAs nor attorneys, therefore we do not file your taxes or write your estate planning documents – nor do we offer formal advice on tax- and estate-planning.  However, we have found that CPAs and attorneys might not be as engaged with the complexities of your entire investment and financial planning process.  Therefore we coordinate with our clients’ advisory teams to strategically evaluate scenarios for our clients to optimize their tax burden and align their estate plans with their own visions.

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