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Staff Support

  • CFP with 10+ years experience, looking out for your long-term financial wellbeing

    • what to expect from you (your favorite hand holding saying kind of thing)​

  • have a person dedicated to supporting clients (include my email maybe?)

    • things that I help with?​​​

Proactive Meetings

  • regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year (would keep vague so you can individualize/ define "regularly scheduled" on a person by person basis)

    • available to book as needed for big life changes/ etc. (baby, buying house, job change, there is a better way to put this)

  • include bookings link here too, or redundant?

  • do we set expectations/ timeline for onboarding clients or no? could be a waste of space or a good thing?

Held-away account advice (401k, etc)

  • what a held-away account is

  • what we do with the info 

  • who it is available to/ what to do if you're interested in the service

Client portal/ app

  • links to resources and app download (i do, waiting for formatting)

  • engagement with managed account performance between regularly scheduled meetings

  • quarterly, YTD performance reports

  • Financial planning clients can aggregate personal accounts. if you would like this feature, contact us for more info. can only do this in the online portal, but can view in the app.

  • Financial planning clients will be able to see goals/ play with retirement "what ifs" in the online portal, important to note they cannot do this in the app (i don't think)

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